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Rockets at Pelicans Gamethread

The Rockets visit the Pelicans, will the Pelicans notice? They're birds.

Please, Doc, it's not a crime that the Rockets are better and shoot more FTs.
Please, Doc, it's not a crime that the Rockets are better and shoot more FTs.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

So apparently the gamethreads I can post are ones others have forgotten. The Rockets grinding wheel grinds on.Tonight they're back at the scene of one of their very rare defeats. It was a close and very costly win for the Pelicans, as Boogie Cousins suffered a devastating injury at the end of the contest.

The Cousins injury was of course the story of the game in the last meeting, but another story was various Pelicans shooting lights out. I imagine that will happen again, with another series of randos having the shooting night of their life. Or non-randos having the shooting night of their life (like Kyle Lowry in Toronto - I will wager he never does that again).

It seems unlikely that will be repeated, but the Pelicans have found a good compliment to Anthony Davis in long-time TDS crush Emeka Okafor, who somehow has been able to string together several NBA games without injury or whatever it was that kept him out of the NBA for the last few years.

Anyway, let me know in the poll if you actually read the text by selecting "Woodchuck".


Does a random guy for the Pelicans (not Davis) have the game of his life against the Rockets?

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    But of course.
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    For how not?
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  • 52%
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  • 8%
    Mavs in four! Cuban substantially poorer!
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