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Check out these weird, awesome Rockets custom T-shirts

Proceeds from the sales go partly to support TDS and the shirts are rad.

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.

This is that fire right there

The playoffs have dragged on for more than a month by now, which means you’re probably tired of wearing your same handful of Rockets gear over and over again and doing more laundry than usual.

You’re in luck! The Dream Shake has partnered with viral T-shirt company BreakingT — you might know them from the “I literally love Justin Verlander” shirts during the Astros’ playoff run — to up your Rockets game to a weird and heretofore unimagined level of freshness. We have a handful of designs right now. If you use the links below to purchase, TDS gets a cut of the proceeds which motivates us to blog more and you love when we blog so buy some.

Clint Capela’s Houston Block Party:

James Harden, Basketball Picasso:

The Tuckwagon Lineup:

Gerald Green, Locked In On My Dream:

And the shirt so nice they did it twice, I Literally Love Chris Paul:

Like these shirts? Have ideas for stuff along these lines? Let me know in the comments. Breaking T is eager to make shirts with cool designs inspired by/for fans. We can make an idea of yours happen, if it’s within their licensing agreement.