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The Melo Rocket has (finally) landed in Houston

It’s official. Carmelo Anthony is a Houston Rocket.

After years of pursuing him and many rumors and reports of signing in Houston, Carmelo Anthony has verbally agreed to sign with the Rockets, according to Shams Charania.

It was on the two-yard line a year ago, but it now appears that the Rockets have finally scored that touchdown. Daryl Morey has coveted Melo for years all the way back to his Denver Nuggets days. And even though the Rockets may not have gotten the player he was back then, they certainly have added talent to an already-loaded roster.

Melo will join his former coaches Mike D’Antoni, Jeff Bdzelik, his friend James Harden and his banana boat buddy Chris Paul on a veteran-minimum $2.4 million for this upcoming season.

Yes, Melo is a risk, but for a guy as good as Melo for the price he is signing for, this is a risk worth taking for the Rockets.

Welcome to Houston, Melo. We’ve been waiting for you!