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James Harden devastated Jamal Murray with behind-the-back dribble

Harden catches another defender slipping.

If you thought that this season was starting to feel like James Harden’s MVP season all over again, then this highlight play should really solidify that feeling. `

I really can’t wait to see what excuse Harden haters come up with for this one.

Jamal Murray tries pressing Harden from half court, and that’s when he absolutely messed up. Harden takes Murray hard to his left, he goes behind the back in the opposite direct, Murray overcompensated, and he- well you know how these usually end.


I’ll give Murray credit, though. A young player getting sat down by one of the best in the business didn’t deter him at all. Murray immediately hops up to his feet and gets a good contest on the shot. Unfortunately for him, he fouls Harden on the three-pointer, and- just his luck- gives up the and-one.

Tough break for the third-year player, but OH MY what a play by Harden. This is going to be a top-ten highlight play from this season, for sure.