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D’Antoni: Westbrook has “a couple” dislocated fingers

A small injury for Russ.

San Antonio Spurs v Houston Rockets Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

According to ESPN’s Tim McMahon, Russell Westbrook played last night’s game with “a couple” of dislocated fingers.

Russ downplayed the injury and it did not seem to stop him completely. He played 25 minutes in the Rockets’ 128-114 loss to the Spurs Wednesday at the Toyota Center.

In the contest, Westbrook scored 14 points on 5-13 shooting in 29 minutes.

Mixed results, yes, but it was to be expected following the Rockets’ long road trip to Japan and the team trying to figure out how to coexist with Harden and Westbrook together again.

I don’t believe this injury is going to cost Westbrook any time. It appeared that last night was the team’s “dress rehearsal” and the team will likely rest its main rotation players when the team travels to Miami to face the Heat in the final preseason contest before the regular season kicks off next Thursday at home against the Milwaukee Bucks.

However, this injury could linger if not treated properly. Westbrook completed a procedure in May to repair a torn ligament in his hand. He played the final six weeks of last season with a torn ligament in his fourth metacarpal.

So, Westbrook is now stranger to finger injuries, which could be a sign of good news as he is aware of what his limits are when it comes to that part of his body.

As long as it does not affect his play, I’m not worried as a fan.

Last night, Westbrook still looked like his fast and speedy self. His turnovers were a dark spot, but that can be linked to their Asia trip and his trial and error with team chemistry.

But if the turnovers continue, the fingers could begin to point in Westbrook’s direction.