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Rockets pay homage to NASA with new “City Edition” jerseys

The new jerseys are out. Tell us your thoughts.

Houston, we have a... JERSEY?

No, no. Wait. Let me try that again.

3... 2... 1... 0... SWAG. We have SWAG.

Hold on. I can do this.

This is one small step for man. One giant leap for... FIRE? (“Fire” in the sense that the kids call stuff that they like “fire.”)

OK, did I get all the bad puns out of the way? I know a couple of those are wrong, but honestly, it’s what the masses are used to seeing, because every opposing media outlet makes those jokes with such an eagerness that you’d think they were the first to think of it.

The Houston Rockets are almost assuredly guaranteeing themselves those bad puns after they rolled out their all-new NASA-inspired “City Edition” uniforms.

As the Rockets’ classic ketchup and mustard uni hearkens back to the rich history of the team, this fifth and final set in their rotation pays homage to the city’s history with the beloved American institution. The move seems very befitting, as they move away from their classic Chinese alternates, but continue with the theme of Houston’s rich culture.

Here are they key details of the uniform:

Throughout the entire set, most prominently displayed on the chest, is the NASA font. On the upper right chest is a traditional astronaut ID tag that reads “Rockets.” There is an American flag on the belt. And, lastly, the side panels on the jerseys are inspired by the Gemini Program, with the vertical panels on the shorts made to resemble a rocket launch.

After Houston rolled out “Flashback Fridays” for their championship colorways, they are now promoting their Space City Saturdays. For the rest of the Saturdays that the Rockets play, plus Christmas, they will don their new uniforms. That’s 11 games that you’re guaranteed to see them in action.

Feedback time: While the new kit isn’t exactly astonishing or risk-taking — the throwback uniforms are still the best thing they’ve rolled out this year — it is great to see that the organization is doubling down on its history and ties to the city. The theme, more importantly the institution of NASA, is a core piece of the identity of Houston. It may not contain the flashy colors of other teams’ jerseys, but it does something great in not abandoning its character just for looks. Every part of the jersey means something and plays a pivotal role in its looks.

Ultimately, I think it’s a great setup for something even more spectacular in the upcoming years. Something tells me they’re going to look even better on the court too.