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James Harden has 8 of the top-10 highest scoring games this year


NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

With James Harden’s 60-point effort Saturday night, he took another slot on the Top 10 list for highest-scoring games this year.

His 60-point game slots in a tie for third place with Damian Lillard’s 60-point effort earlier this season.

Harden has been on an absolute tear this year and he set several records Saturday night.

He jumped ahead of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan for second all-time in 55 point games with his tenth 55-point game of his career. He now trails only Wilt Chamberlain (who had 72!) on that list.

Harden also sunk 20 foul shots Saturday night, which also put him ahead in uncharted territory with his eighth such game of his career.

With Game #8 of 20+ free throw makes, he passed Kobe and former Rocket Moses Malone, who both achieved the feat seven times in their career.

Harden is continuing to make history this season and we have yet to finish a quarter of the season.

Just imagine what we will be saying about The Beard once we get to the All-Star Break, or to the end of the season, or to the end of his career...