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FanPulse results: Are the Rockets contenders or pretenders?

And a decade’s best national question.

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NBA: Houston Rockets at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the delay on the FanPulse results this week. We’re running a little behind due to the holiday, but here’s how last week’s national poll and Rockets-specific questions finished up.

First up, as always, is our national poll, and with the decade of the 2010s coming to a close, we asked our members to pick the shot of the decade.

I personally went for Kyrie’s shot against the Warriors in 2016. The defeat of the decade’s biggest dynasty has to be tops as far as I’m concerned. Kawhi versus the 76ers is a huge surprise for me. Maybe it’s recency bias, but it would have been one of the lowest on my list were I to rank them top to bottom. Ray Allen versus the Spurs, I can get behind, even though it wasn’t my top pick.

As for the Rockets, we asked a specific question this week, as there’s been some contention as to how good the team actually is this year. There’s been negative fans, there’s been positive fans, and in addition, the team’s confidence index has essentially been a roller coaster this season.

So we asked our Rockets-only FanPulse participants if they thought of the team as legit contenders or total pretenders, and the results were definitive.

It surprises me a little, considering I’ve heard a fair amount of negativity this season, but at least according to FanPulse, it appears to be a vocal minority and not the general consensus. For the record, my vote was for “title contender”.

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