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FanPulse results: League disappointments and Rockets fan confidence plummets

Fan confidence is at its lowest point of the season.

This week’s FanPulse results are in, and we have a pretty cool national poll this week that came back with some interesting results. We asked our league-wide participants who they felt was the worse than they expected. Here’s your poll:

My personal vote was for the Portland Trail Blazers. I realize that the Golden State Warriors are the worst team in the league, and I don’t think anyone predicted that, but there are plenty out there who figured them for a sure-fire lottery team, so their lost season is a little less surprising to me.

Portland, on the other hand, many had figuring to be a serious competitor, and though the year is still young, they currently sit at 9-13 and would miss the postseason if the playoffs started today.

Zion or no Zion, I don’t think many figured the New Orleans Pelicans to do much, and the Knicks are gonna Knick, we all know that. The San Antonio Spurs and their 8-14 record is a mild surprise, but I think many thought this would be a down year overall for them.

No onto our weekly Rockets fan confidence poll:

As you can see, fan confidence continues to drop and is at its lowest point of the season. And keep in mind that this poll was taken before the Tuesday night loss to the Spurs, so the true number might be even worse at the moment. The only thing that will change that is racking up a few Ws.

Make sure you check in next week, as we have a very interesting Rockets-specific question coming in addition to our weekly confidence poll.

It’s also not too late to join us at FanPulse. If you want to take part, SIGN UP HERE.