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Final Regular Season Night Thread

So much may, or may not, be at stake.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Houston Rockets
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

So the season comes down to tonight. It was always going to. That’s the schedule, after all. There has to be a final night before the playoffs begin, and tonight is it. So let’s meander into the...wait...our seeding could change with tonight’s games? A slate of games that Darren and other helpfully point out, no one seems to want to win.

I thought the Rockets sort of blew their chances to officially notch an amazing turnaround last night?

Is it still complicated? I’m feeling pain. Anguish. A burning sensation. And dry mouth. Is there a doctor on the blog?

Ah, AK is here to help, if not get well, at least get some fast temporary relief from our confusion.

Thanks to AK, to the max.


Rockets end up?

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  • 33%
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  • 40%
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  • 11%
    Out of the playoffs, by their own choice. They want to see what Luka can do. Mavs in three.
    (18 votes)
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