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Rockets vs. Jazz Game 2 thread

The Rockets finally get back to basketball after 2 days off.

Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets - Game One Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

You know when things go so well in game 1 that you think it’s almost definitely going to go bad in game 2? I don’t think that’s the feeling here. In fact, things went so well in game 1, it’s hard to imagine the complete opposite would happen here tonight.

The Houston Rockets looked dominant in their 122-90 win in game 1 against the Utah Jazz on Sunday. Granted, there were some things that could have gone better, but if they actually did half the things listed in that article, it would have been something like a 50-point win. It’s hard to imagine that James Harden is going to get empty lanes like he did on Sunday, and I can’t see the Jazz going back to that scheme because the payoff of an open path to the basket just wasn’t enough to justify the means.

Things will look different this game. Expect the Jazz to get more shots to fall and turn up the intensity on Harden - likely in a different way. I don’t want to think this one is in the bag because there have been much bigger upsets, like the Los Angeles Clippers coming back from 31 down to the Warriors, but I still feel like Houston is running away with this one.

What are your predictions for tonight?