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Rockets vs. Thunder game thread

It’s the last game of the regular season, and it’s a big one. Meanwhile, the TDS lovefest continues...

NBA: All Star Game Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As usual, there’s not too much I can say that the incomparable AK didn’t cover already in his preview. This is as important of a regular season finale as I can remember, and there should be a playoff atmosphere tonight in Oklahoma City.

It’s been one heck of a season so far, filled with a few more ups and downs than we anticipated, but one that looks poised to finish right around where we all thought; provided the Rockets win tonight, of course. Lose, and they can still finish as low as fourth, win and they will firm up third with an outside shot at second.

The Rockets will be without head coach Mike D’Antoni, who’s been in the hospital with a severe stomach bug, but thankfully, he was released home today, and the team fully expects him back for the start of the playoffs.

To dovetail off of what AK said in his preview, it’s been a fine year at TDS. Our community is as vibrant and intelligent as ever, and it’s the readers and commenters that truly make this place the best Rockets site on the web. And I’m thankful for having such a great writing staff to help set the tone.

AK, Xiane, Jeremy, Max, Colin, Conrad, and Coty... you guys are the backbone of the site and I truly feel we have the most talented group of writers from top to bottom as I can remember at TDS. I pretty much just let these guys do their thing, which is the smartest decision I could ever make.

Thanks to all the readers and writers for making TDS. Here’s to a long and fruitful playoff run. It all starts tonight with a win over the Thunder.

Go Rockets!