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Warriors think James Harden is faking injury

Just when you think the Warriors couldn’t get any more insufferable...

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve mentioned several times now, including yesterday, that James Harden was the first time I can remember a star player being treated like garbage after suffering a legitimate injury. And I hate to keep harping on this, but it just got even worse.

First, he was booed by Golden State Warriors fans after being raked across the face and bleeding from both eyes. He was also criticized by Dubs fans right here on the SB Nation fan sites. He was then the subject of a new internet meme, and there were more than a few lunkheads on Twitter claiming that The Beard was faking or simply exaggerating for dramatic effect.

Now, to top it all off, the Warriors themselves are apparently accusing Harden of faking, according to a new report. Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports had this to say about the scuttlebutt coming from the Dubs:

There are some players in that (Warriors) locker room that are not buying the whole James Harden eye being extremely hurt thing. They were talking about some of the shots he was shooting during the game then when he goes to the free throw line and squinting like he can’t see.

I can’t say I’m really surprised. This is the same classless band of hypocrites that features a coach well known for his crying about the officials who then turns around and criticizes the Rockets for being miffed at three obvious missed fouls on Klay Thompson in Game 1.

Their star point guard throws his disgusting, germ-ridden mouthpiece around the court like an 8-year-old anytime something happens he doesn’t like, while also partnering with the team’s other guard to visibly show up the officials (without penalty, I might add) when their wittle feefees got hurt one of the few times they weren’t the beneficiaries of the now league-office-confirmed lopsided calls.

They also make fun of Harden for drawing fouls, when their star player’s signature move — the rip through — is specifically designed only to get to the free throw line and not to actually score a bucket.

They also employ a power forward known for punching dudes in bars and kicking other players in the nuts and used to employ a center who’s only real claim to fame was injuring other players by intentionally stepping into their landing space.

Now claiming that Harden is faking when there’s obvious visual evidence to the contrary takes their insufferable douchebaggery to another level. Yes, Warriors, I’m sure Harden and the Rockets concocted some elaborate ruse that featured fake blood, a bunk cornea test, and their best player and reigning MVP sitting out 25 percent of a key playoff game just to... I’m not really sure. Glad to see the Dubs have officially stooped down to the level of the worst rejects on social media.

Yet somehow, Harden and the Rockets are hated by fans and media while the Warriors are embraced. It’s a crazy, mixed-up world we live in, folks.