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Boston Celtics interested in potential Clint Capela deal

The Celtics are appearing in the rumor mill as a possible partner in a Capela trade.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With the Houston Rockets making their entire roster outside of James Harden available, we’re sure to hear plenty of rumors until a deal gets done, and the latest has the Rockets engaging with the Boston Celtics about a possible deal for Clint Capela.

According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders:

Capela would be an interesting fit in the Boston front court alongside Al Horford, and the Celtics have some intriguing young pieces that could be of interest to the Rockets, who have stated that one of their offseason goals is to get younger. Without any draft picks in the upcoming NBA draft, that will have to happen via trade.

Boston currently holds three first-round picks this season. They have their natural pick at 22 and also hold the 20th pick obtained from the Los Angeles Clippers and the 14th pick obtained from Sacramento. My guess is that the Rockets would be targeting one of those first-rounders, but the Celtics also have some players if the Rockets choose to go that route.

Houston could be after a young piece like Jaylen Brown, who the Celtics reportedly tried to trade once already in a package deal for Kawhi Leonard, and the 6’7” Brown brings the size and defensive presence on the wing that the Rockets are always after.

They could also target someone like Marcus Smart, who would take over the third guard spot from Austin Rivers. The Rockets could also be after a package of young players, and the Celtics finished the season with with 8 guys on their roster age 25 or younger, so it’s possible Houston is willing to take a draft pick combined with a young player package.

What say you, TDS? Between the picks and the players, the Celtics likely have the ammo to get a deal done for Capela if they want to go that route. What would you like to see coming back in a potential trade?