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Rockets unveil new uniforms

Here’s a look at the new threads for the 2019-20 season!

Houston Rockets - Twitter

While the rest of the NBA is drafting tonight, the Rockets are taking care of some business outside of the draft as well — revealing their new uniforms for next season.

Technically, there are no home and away sets under the new contract the NBA has with Nike. Instead, there are just four colorways that teams keep in rotation. Still, the Rockets kept with their traditional white and red digs that they’ve had for over 15 years, but with a twist. They no longer feature the thin stripes they had before. Instead they feature bold, solid trim down the sides that wrap around the base of the shorts.

The black “Statement” jersey has no significant differences from last year’s, which is fantastic because it was easily the sharpest jersey the Rockets wore last season.

The biggest difference in the wardrobe comes with a new red “Classic” jersey that brings the Rockets back to their Clutch City days. This is the REAL gem. They brought back the ketchup and mustard. They brought it back. It seemed like a fevered dream to see our guys back in the championship gear, but they went and did it. It’s such an iconic look. Part of me wishes that they went all out and went ‘95 home and away jerseys, but, honestly, this is still pretty great. Combine all three with the black statement jerseys the team had last year, and they have an incredible rotation.

My only hope is that we get some more ketchup and mustard-inspired footwear from Adidas and Jordan.

Hopefully this is a sign of Houston repeating history and making it back to the Finals.


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