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Danny Green would be a perfect fit for the Rockets

It’s a real long shot, but there’s no denying the fit.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Toronto Raptors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off his second NBA title, Danny Green became one of 39 players to win a championship with two different teams this summer. And with his eyes set on capturing another, it may seem as if staying in Toronto will be Green’s best option.

However, due to the uncertainties surrounding Kawhi Leonard, one can expect there is a possibility Green will move on from Toronto if their Finals MVP is no longer a Raptor.

In the event where he is open to leaving The 6ix, the Houston Rockets should do anything they can to bring Green back to the Lone Star State. As one of the best three-and-D players in the league, Green would make the perfect acquisition for the Rockets this summer.

Since losing Trevor Ariza last year to the Phoenix Suns, it seems as if the Rockets have done all they could to fill the empty void he left by his departure. Unfortunately, despite the hopes for Danuel House Jr. at small forward, Houston has failed to find Ariza’s successor, and it continues as one of their top priorities nearly 12 months later.

At 32-years old, Green has shown no signs of slowing down this past season. Green averaged 10.3 points on 46.5 percent shooting from the field in his first season in Toronto. While helping the Raptors win their first title in franchise history, Green elevated his defense to another level, recording the third highest postseason total steals in the league (31) and shot a playoff career-high 91 percent from the charity stripe.

As a sharpshooting guard from North Carolina, Green’s ability to space the floor and move without the ball makes him a perfect fit to play alongside James Harden and Chris Paul. In addition of playing next to two of the best playmakers in the league, Green’s capability to shoot from the outside would make him a valuable plug-and-play option within Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

Since entering the league in 2009, Green has established himself as one of the best three-point shooters of this generation. Despite shooting a career percentage 40.4 percent from behind the arc, his ability to hit the three reached greater heights in Toronto as Green shot a record-high 45.5 percent from behind the arc. So the addition of Green would leave a positive and efficient effect on the Rockets’ and D’Antoni’s system.

As a member of the NBA’s All-Defensive team in 2017, the addition of Green would also help improve the Rockets defense. Green is one of the top perimeter defenders in the league and can guard the other team’s best player down the stretch.

However, of all the qualities Green can bring to the court, the most important trait he can bring to the Rockets is his leadership and championship experience. It is rare to find a player who can contribute on the court and help drive positive team chemistry into the locker room. That’s what makes Green a valuable and talented addition to any team.

As a 10-year veteran, there is an enormous upside for the Rockets with the potential of signing Danny Green. Unfortunately recruiting Green to Houston will be no easy task with the number of suitors hoping to sign the two-time champion. Getting Green to H-town gets tricky.

He has publicly stated his desire to maximize years and dollars this offseason, and the Rockets are limited in what they can offer. They only have the remainder of their mid-level exception, which works out to $5.7 million, while Green’s likely looking for $10 million or northward.

But at the moment, he’s reportedly waiting on Kawhi Leonard before he decides what to do. And the money dries up pretty fast in free agency, giving the Rockets a small sliver of hope. Is it likely? No. But stranger things have happened.