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James Harden’s JH-Town weekend scheduled for August 23-25

The Beard’s charity event is coming up. Save the date!

NBA Superstar and 2018 MVP James Harden visited Manila to... Photo by Dennis Jerome Acosta/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

James Harden’s annual JH-Town weekend was announced for this summer, and it will be taking place from August 23-25 in Houston. Unlike years past, this year’s event will not feature a celebrity basketball game, but will instead feature a celebrity softball game, along with a comedy show and the usual full list of celebrity sightings.

Tickets will go on sale August 13, and the proceeds go to Harden’s charity organization, 3TheHardenWay, which was, according to the website:

“...Established to provide higher learning opportunities for future leaders of our nation. The foundation is dedicated to bridging economic and educational gaps in the Houston Metropolitan Area by providing academic financial support to high achieving students demonstrating leadership within communities facing economic hardship.”

The program offers two scholarships. First, the Monja Willis scholarship, in honor of The Beard’s mom, which is:

“Dedicated to high achieving students from single mother households facing economic adversity. Recipients of the award have demonstrated tenacity in overcoming obstacles and continuously strive for excellence. The scholarship program is devoted to covering educational expenses for first generation college students from single mother households, and for single mothers attending college.”

The second is the James Harden scholarship, which is:

“Dedicated to students from the Houston Metropolitan Area who have received acceptance to Rice University. James Harden, a proponent of higher learning, understands the importance for future leaders to have the ability to access top educational institutes. The James Harden Scholarship covers school related expenses over a span of four years for students from communities facing economic hardship. Qualified recipients exhibit academic achievement,community leadership, and are determined to make the world a better place.”

It’s a fun day for a good cause if you can make it!