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New Faces From Old Places: Ben McLemore

We talk about Rockets wing Ben McLemore with Greg Wissinger of Sactown Royalty.

Houston Rockets v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Ben McLemore entered the NBA with the 7th pick of the 2013 Draft.

The Kings utilized the pick on McLemore, who had one of the highest ceilings of the 2013 Draft class. However, six years later, McLemore has not lived up to the hype and is now on his third team in as many seasons after signing with the Rockets two weeks ago.

The Dream Shake spoke with Greg Wissinger of Sactown Royalty to get more insight on the former Sacramento King.

1. What is McLemore’s biggest strength?

Greg Wissinger, Sactown Royalty: Athleticism. Although he’s never put things together, he always looks like a guy who should make it in the NBA. Great physical gifts.

2. What is McLemore’s biggest weakness?

Greg Wissinger: He’s just not very good at basketball. I hate saying it because he’s a good kid, but he can’t shoot consistently, and he doesn’t do the other things you need him to do.

3. Why did McLemore not work in Sacramento?

Greg Wissinger: Inconsistency. He’ll show flashes of being good, but they never last.

4. What is the best-case scenario you foresee with McLemore joining the Rockets?

Greg Wissinger: Maybe they can unlock what nobody else has been able to, and Ben can be the player he was supposed to be.

5. What is your prediction for McLemore’s season in Houston?

Greg Wissinger: Plays in garbage time and frustrates Rockets fans.