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Lakers at Rockets Gamethread

Stumbling Rockets vs Streaking Darlings

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
Be your best self, James. Please.
Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

One might not have expected the first meeting between the Houston Rockets and Dearest Darling Los Angeles Lakers to come at roughly the half-way point in the season, but such is the case.

There are two more meetings between the teams in the second half after this one. The Rockets played a stack of Los Angeles Clippers games early, and will now play a similar stack of Lakers games in the latter part of the season.

Whether or not James Harden is expected wear a steampunk ensemble complete with stovepipe hat (goggles inset with inert gears attached) and twirl his (implied) mustache whilst tying Jeanie Buss to a train track for Lebron James to rescue is currently unknown. The NBA did not comment when not asked this question.

Our announcers tonight on ESPN will again include Jeff Van Gundy, so the freeform Rockets rants we’ve come to expect from other ESPN on-air personalities will again be largely absent. This is a blessing for those attempting a Dry January. Van Gundy IS expected to bicker with Mark Jackson.

It is still unknown at the time of this writing if Anthony Davis, Rajon Rondon or Austin Rivers will participate tonight.


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