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FanPulse results: Rockets fan confidence sinks and mid-season grade

It’s been a season of ups and downs, both on the court and in our FanPulse results, but we’ve just had our biggest change of the season, and it isn’t a good one for our Houston Rockets.

Fan confidence has completely plummeted to its lowest point of the season, dropping below 25 percent.

This survey was taken in the midst of the recent four-game losing streak and before last night’s win over Denver, but something tells me that downing a severely depleted Nuggets squad hasn’t done much for fan confidence.

Our second question of the week also deals with the Rockets, as we asked our FanPulse participants for a grade so far, now that we’re at the season’s midway point.

A grade of C seems pretty appropriate for a team that has definitely fallen short of expectations, while still posting a .628 win percentage.

Hopefully, with last night’s win, the Rockets can use that as a springboard to get back on the winning track. Confidence goes a long way during the marathon NBA season.

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