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FanPulse results: Kobe’s best moment and fan confidence up again

This week’s results are in.

Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

FanPulse results are in, and we have a special Kobe Bryant-themed edition of our questions this week. Our national question asked all of our pollsters: Which Kobe Bryant moment stands out the most? Here are the results:

Five-time champ was definitely my vote. How could it not? The 81-point game was, in my opinion, certainly impressive, but hardly the kind of thing that overtakes five rings. Kobe took 46 shots and owns four of the top six ball-hoggiest games in NBA history.

When James Harden took 41 earlier this year (which is just the 16th-most all-time), he was absolutely decimated in the national media. Kobe shot 20 free throws, which is again something Harden gets destroyed for if it happens. Was it impressive? Sure. Here’s all of his points.

Anyway, I’m not here to tarnish anyone’s legacy — Kobe’s is certainly secure. But to think that anyone would vote for that one game over five titles is lunacy (in my totally worthless opinions, of course). And to think that anyone voted for the 60-point finale, in which Kobe took an all-time NBA high (in the modern era) 50 shots and was essentially given free reign to shoot unimpeded in what was basically a setup, is even crazier still.

Hard to believe five rings didn’t completely run away with this thing. Not too many things more impressive than five full-season runs (Michael Jordan’s six says hi).

Anyway, on to Rockets fan confidence, and one week after the biggest drop of the season, we follow that up with the biggest rise of the season. Essentially 50 percentage points.

Fan confidence seems to have taken a pretty big hit with last night’s loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, however. But if James Harden can get back in rhythm and back to producing, I think the Rockets (and by extension fan confidence) should stabilize.