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FanPulse results: Rockets fan confidence continues to seesaw

FanPulse is back!

The holidays threw our regular FanPulse results posts for a little loop, but with the new year all settled in, we’re back in action testing the opinions of our SB Nation fan group at large and Rockets fans in specific.

First up, our national question of the week, which asked our participants what their reaction would be if they were to be dunked on.

I’m with the overwhelming majority on this one. I’ve definitely been dunked on once or twice in my younger days, and walking it off was may reaction. Praising the dunker is an acceptable response as well. Getting big mad, not so much, however. What good does that do? Don’t like it? Well, stop the dunker next time.

Now, as for the Houston Rockets results, it’s been a seriously up-and-down year in our fan confidence results, especially for a team currently sitting at 25-11 and second place in the Western Conference. And we have more of that this week.

The fan confidence bar looks like a mini seismograph reading, while many other teams’ look either more linear, or mostly linear with a plummet or huge rise. Anyway, we’ve already established that we’re a fickle bunch, but I guess that’s partially from 25 years without a title, and we’re all getting a little antsy.

Anyway, we’re still taking signups if you want in on the voting action. Go HERE to sign up.