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SB Nation Reacts: Finals MVP

Here’s your vote!

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NBA: Finals-Los Angeles Lakers at Miami Heat Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s our SB Nation Reacts poll for the week, which was taken before last night’s Game 5, so some people’s opinion may have changed after the big win by the Miami Heat, but without further wait, here’s the results:

Our first question asked you who you thought would win Finals MVP.

After Jimmy Butler’s performance last night, something tells me his numbers might be a little higher this morning, but you would still have to have faith that the Heat would defeat the Los Angeles Lakers, and even after closing the gap to 3-2, I don’t think they’ll have quite enough. I took Lakers in six before the series started, and I’m sticking by my story, Sampson Simpson.

I took LeBron to win the MVP in this one, and I sill feel that way this morning. Talk to me again if the Heat tie it up at three, however.

Our last question asked if the outcome of the series would change with a fully healthy Heat roster. Both Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic have missed time this series.

I also took no. And I have to still stick by my prediction today. I’d be interested to see what those numbers look like today, however.

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