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NBA Finals Game 5 thread

Will we have a new NBA Champion tonight?

2020 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Here we are.

For months, we waited for the NBA to return — actually, that’s wrong. That’s truly a disservice to what we went through. For months, we wondered if the NBA could return before this pandemic ended. And it did return, and we had a glorious, historic sports moment known as “The Bubble.”

A few months later, and... He we are.

We’re 48 minutes of game time away from it all possibly coming to an end.

The Los Angeles Lakers are up 3-1 on the Miami Heat, and tonight they could possibly gentleman’s sweep the entire playoffs, thus having solidified one of the greatest postseason runs in NBA history.

So what do you think happens in tonight’s game? Does Jimmy Butler have another miracle game left in him? Will the Heat come together an extend their series? Or, will the Lakers continue to be undefeated in their Mamba jerseys and be the first NBA Champions of the 2020 decade?

Who knows? All I know is, it’s pretty damn cool that, no matter what happens, we will have the entire NFL season holding us over until the NBA starts up again.

Drop your predictions down below and follow the game along live in the comments!