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The latest Russell Westbrook trade rumors

Or lack thereof.

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Five Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Houston Rockets and Russell Westbrook are in a super tough place right now.

Assuming the rumors really are true, and Westbrook really wants out, there’s an uphill battle ahead for both parties — and even one that could end in a stalemate.

Since the news broke earlier this week that Westbrook wants to be shopped around, the phones haven’t exactly been flying off the hook in Houston’s front office, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

This was mostly expected.

Even though Westbrook put up career shooting percentages last season, he’s still a 32-year-old injury-plagued point guard that heavily depends on his athleticism and comes with a hefty price tag.

That doesn’t appear to stop the New York Knicks, though.

While it’s nice to imagine New York being a prospective trade location, don’t think they’ll just allow themselves to get fleeced here — the one time they’re smart, and it has to happen against the Rockets.

The language of this Tweet, “willing to absorb,” implies that they’re taking on something that others aren’t. Odds are that they’re not just going to give away assets for the former MVP. Instead, they’ll probably ask for draft picks to take on the rest of Westbrook’s massive contract.

There’s also the scoop of all scoops this offseason: the Los Angeles Clippers and Rockets have discussed a deal.

Not to discredit anyone, but this feels like the scoopiest scoop in all of scoopdom. So not only will Houston receive Paul George — a three-point-shooting, defensive-minded wing that’ll play amazingly off James Harden — but they’ll also receive a draft pick? For a guy who publicly said they’re out? Take it now. Take it yesterday. Send THEM a draft pick. Do it.

OK, now that I wrote that, it feels just too good to be true.

Westbrook must have really hated his first year in Houston, because announcing that you WANT to be traded does your soon-to-be former team zero favors. All the leverage is gone. Every GM should be smart enough to know that no team wants to keep a guy who doesn’t want to play for you. So you’ll be lucky if you get a fair trade for you player, let alone a trade that actually benefits you.

Free agency begins in five days, so hopefully GMs will be in a more giving mood around that time.