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NBA Trade Moratorium Lifts - Trades Begin

Or for Rockets fans, what now?

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers
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The NBA has lifted its moratorium on player trades, and players should be moving around, at least a little, as there has been no such movement since February 6th, 2020. “League Sources” (these being tweets and articles on the internet) indicate that there is much pent up demand for trades, and team realignment.

This weekend Rockets fans were treated to the less potentially interesting side of Rockets trade demands. Instead of Russell Westbrook wanting out (and many Rockets fans not minding that idea), the past few days featured rumors and published stories of James Harden’s potential trade demands and destinations. The most favored destination for a putative Harden move seemed to be the Brooklyn Nets.

Basketball questions aside (how does Harden co-exist with Kyrie Irving?) this seems to be a deal that might also nearly be financially impossible. The basketball answer for Harden and Kyrie of course is, Harden will play in pretty much every game, and Kyrie won’t play in many, so there shouldn’t be too much friction.

When it comes down to it, though, it’s difficult to see the Rockets getting value for Harden, because it’s nearly impossible that they would. There’s only one three time scoring champ, and three other players don’t equal one James Harden. It’s also hard to imagine what team is in a position to contend, but would turn over the reins to James Harden.

Harden signed a long term deal to be in Houston, it shouldn’t be odd that Houston would want him to stay. The question of course is, what are Rafael Stone’s orders, should both Harden and Westbrook be seriously demding trades.

The idea of major player movement is not a far-fetched one as Chris Paul is already reportedly on the move to Phoenix (which will be interesting to consider).

Feel free to discuss and post trade developments below.

And the Rockets may well be blowing it up.

Well, Ariza is coming back. To what exactly?

Um, this is the same Jrue Holiday who played in NOLA? Are they SURE?

The NBA is moving again...


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