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2020 NBA Draft: Rockets trade No. 16 pick and Trevor Ariza to Pistons

Two days after moving into the 2020 NBA Draft, the Houston Rockets traded their No. 16 pick to the Detroit Pistons. 

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets - Game Seven Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

The Houston Rockets have made a move that could set them up for the future. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Rockets have traded Trevor Ariza and the No. 16 overall pick in tonight’s NBA Draft to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for a future first-round pick. In addition, the Rockets are purchasing the Pistons second-round pick for $4.6 million via the Lakers.

The Rockets held the No. 16 pick after they traded Robert Covington to the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday. By moving Covington and Ariza, the Rockets have their eyes set on making a huge splash in free agency, as Houston now has a projected $12.8 million trade exception. NBA Free Agency is set to open on Friday at 6 PM ET.

In his second move as general manager, let’s see if Rafael Stone will make more moves as the night progresses.