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Happy Thanksgiving from TDS!

Strange times, but it can still be a good one.


While many of us are estranged from our extended families today due to COVID-19, everyone can still find things to be thankful for. For me, I’m thankful for the following:

  1. My wife Jess and two daughters (Mia, age 16 and Eleanor, age 4)
  2. My father. He had a heart attack and emergency triple bypass last summer. Even though I can’t see him in person today, I’m happy he’s still here.
  3. My sister, who lives on the other side of the state now and I won’t be seeing. A large chunk of my family has already passed, so I’m grateful for her in my life.
  4. Manny, Kenny, Dave, Bobby, Derek, Mike... good friends are hard to find. Hold on to the ones you got.
  5. All my co-board members at USA Boxing. Happy to call myself a member.
  6. My staff here at TDS. The best group I could hope for.
  7. The community of readers here. Thanks, guys... remember, you all are our lifeblood. Thanks for making this place a safe haven for all of us Rockets fans.
  8. Rockets basketball is starting in less than a month.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s top of mind. What are you thankful for today?