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Election Day/Night Thread

Fear. Hope. Dread. Joy?

Voters Go The Polls On Election Day In Baltimore
It’s time.
Photo by J. Countess/Getty Images

After what seemed to be the longest election campaign in memory, in what is certainly the longest year in my memory, the day of decision is here. Or rather, it’s been here, and this is the final day of it.

In my view Americans face a stark, and simple, choice, and this is the day we learn (or mostly learn) what they have decided.

Many of us, in our COVID isolation, haven’t had much of an outlet to discuss these things. Or we have only had a chance to talk to the same people, which offers little new, after a while, on these matters. There is, of course, the howling maelstrom of social media, and this site is part of social media, but it is a small, monitored, part of it. And it is generally full of Rockets fans, who therefore share at least one silly and often futile obsession at the minimum.

So, if you want to talk election, you can do it here, today and tonight. We’ll be here. We’re fairly familiar with each other and our outlooks.

Be civil and kind to one another. If that isn’t happening, let us know. It’ll be a quick whistle.

No memes, or gifs. No 4Chan bullshit argumentation. No internet badassery. If you have a conspiracy theory, it needs to be funny. You could post links to interesting stories, by actual news organization. (If the main goal of a “news organization” seems to be flogging vitamin supplements, or a religious viewpoint, or praising the virtues of the Workers Paradise, it’s probably not a news organization. Fair warning.)

If you are of age, tell me what you’re drinking, or otherwise consuming tonight. If you’re not American, you’re welcome, too. Most of the world has at least an interest in the behavior of the USA.

I hope we can begin to lay this burden down tonight, for our own, and our nation’s sake.



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    Big Trump Victory
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    Narrow Trump Victory
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  • 5%
    Decided but murky.
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  • 15%
    Mark Cuban declares himself emperor.
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