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FanPulse results: Who’s going to win it all?

FanPulse is back!

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Houston Rockets Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

FanPulse is back after a one-week hiatus for the results posting. Last week was so busy with the Houston Rockets as one of the centers of attention during the trade deadline, but we’re back with both our national poll and fan confidence ratings this week.

As we head into the All-Star break, our league-wide participants were asked who they thought was most likely to win it all, and though a slew of teams were presented as options, only a few scored high enough to make our chart.

With those three teams taking up about 85 percent of the vote, the rest of the teams were in single-digits, including my pick, our Houston Rockets. Some may call it homerism, but I still have faith in our crew, despite the up-and-down year thus far.

The playoffs are when superstars in the NBA shine, and the Rockets have two of the biggest in the league in James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Now they also have a lineup that presents a huge mismatch for just about any team in the league, and they’ve proven that when they are healthy and on, they can beat anyone. After some All-Star break rest, they’ll have some time to incorporate their new pieces and maybe pick up some more on the buyout market, and I think that makes them underrated.

If I had to pick one team other than the Rockets, it’d be the Los Angeles Lakers. I simply don’t have the faith the Milwaukee Bucks can get it done when push comes to shove in the postseason, despite their gaudy, Eastern-Conference-padded record.

Next, here’s our Rockets fan confidence rating for the week.

As you can see, fan confidence was relatively stable for one of the first times all season, even though it’s far from its highest point. It’s important to note that this poll was conducted before last night’s Bill Simmons tear-inducing win over the Boston Celtics.

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