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FanPulse results: Post All-Star break edition

The break is over, it’s time for FanPulse.

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NBA: All Star-Media Day Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

With the All-Star break coming to a close, it’s a perfect time to publish the results from our FanPulse survey that took place right after the game. There’s a plethora of national questions this week, so let’s get right to it.

First, we asked our national participants who really won the dunk contest, as there was some controversy this season, and the FanPulse has definitively spoken:

Our second national question this week also dealt with the All-Star game, as we asked our voters if the new All-Star format did anything to improve the game experience. Here’s the verdict:

In addition to the All-Star questions, we also checked in with our national voters about some of the awards favorites to this point, starting off with the MVP race. It was a pretty drama-less experience. There were numerous candidates, including our own James Harden, but I don’t think anyone’s too shocked to see him outside the top four.

Meanwhile, the vote for Rookie of the Year was as equally unexciting, with Ja Morant running away with it.

And finally, we have our weekly Rockets fan confidence rating, as the base seems to be settling in to the new direction of the team. Combine that with the Robert Convington trade, and fan confidence is back up over the 75-percent level. And if the Jeff Green and DeMarre Carroll signings end up having their desired effect, we could see the team and fan confidence peaking at just the right time.

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