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Rockets at Warriors Game Thread

Basketball is finally back + thoughts on All Star Weekend.

New Rocket Carroll
Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

I like All Star Weekend, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s a fun event, and try to remind myself that dunk contests and whatnot aren’t really FOR me at my age. They’re for kids. Because dunks are cool, especially if you’re 13. Nothing is wrong with having events for all sorts of different fans.

In fact, it’s good. I’ll maintain I’ve already SEEN the best dunk contests that will happen, irrespective of any possible truth of that claim. Some young person today can hold strong in the belief that Aaron Gordon was robbed (but then, so was Pat Connaughton), and that will be a happy memory of outrage.

I liked the Elam Ending, but I think we also saw its flaws. Yes, it will stop endless late-game timeouts, intentional fouls and free throw contests. But when defenses lock in, the game can become a brick-fest. It can take FOREVER to get to the target score. The clock won’t run out on said brick-fest, because it CAN’T. The 4th quarter of the All Star Game took over 40 minutes for one team to score about 24 points. Would timeouts have taken longer?

On the other hand, the All Stars were TRYING and that was great.

So, tonight, the Rockets should avenge themselves on the Warriors for The Christmas Collapse.


Did you like the new All Star Game Format?

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    It has its good, and bad, points. Keep looking for a late game answer NBA.
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  • 21%
    If they’d played Luka it would have taken 5 minutes.
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