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Rockets At Lakers Gamethread

SuperSmall vs All Y’All

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
Not skipping leg-day anymore.
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

It is with trepidation I post this gamethread. The Rockets luck has been...poor...when I have done them this season. Lots of losses. It’s somewhat depressing to just recap losses. Fortunately, as a Rockets blogger, there are fewer losses to recap than most teams.

Why am I still doing it? It’s a crazy phenomenon some call Pacific Standard Time. This game won’t wrap up in the wee hours for me. On the West Coast the game starts at a reasonable 7:30 PM. I’m not up until one or two writing the recap. If the Rockets lose, and they might well, blame me.

The real question is how the Rockets look in the Post Baby Deer Era. The Rockets have doubled down on SuperSmall(tm) (That’s right, I’ll say it until it is A Thing. You know I will.) They’re going to play small, almost all the time.

The Rockets may not win tonight. The Lakers are good. But do not be sucked into the idea that the Rockets can’t win. Don’t buy that this game, with Robert Covington who showed up yesterday, is some sort of final judgment on the Rockets.

That said, I’d really rather recap a win.


So. Bruno?

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