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FanPulse results: We’re talking broadcast TV and sinking confidence in the Rockets

We have a bunch of questions for you this week.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Houston Rockets Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Before leaving the corporate world for the much more laid back, much happier, and much poorer life of a freelance writer, I spent many years in both broadcast and cable TV production, so this was an interesting poll for week for me, as we have plenty of questions dealing with the NBA fan’s perception of their local and national television broadcasts.

The first questions asked if we felt that the negative attitude of broadcasts hurt TV ratings. Here’s your results:

I was firmly in the yes camp on this one, which as you can see, finished in the small minority. With various announcers talking shit most of the season on some of the league’s biggest stars — James Harden in particular — it’s certain to have an effect. If you don’t think that’s swayed some people, you don’t quite understand the power of media, and in particular, the power of television, which is the single most influential form of media out there (yes, still, even if it’s lost ground in the last 10 years). Why do you think a TV commercial is so expensive?

It’s pretty interesting that 53 percent of those surveyed are putting the entire fall-off of NBA ratings this season on something else (probably the all-powerful Harden).

Our second national question asked our FanPulse participants which NBA broadcast they preferred, and here’s the results of that query.

I went local-only, since I love when CA and Bull are calling games, and the vast majority of the national broadcasts are barely tolerable.

As for the local questions, we first asked our Rockets FanPulse participants what they thought of the home broadcast.

I went with the majority, selecting “pretty good.” As I mentioned, I enjoy Ackerman and Bull a lot, but not as much if those guys aren’t calling it.

And finally, we have our weekly fan confidence poll, which just went from its highest point of the season to its lowest. The Rockets’ poll is easily the most erratic of any team in the NBA, but I guess that’s what happens when you win six games in a row and look great, immediately followed by losing four games in a row, with three of those coming to NBA dregs.

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