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Rockets defeat Lakers in 100-point imaginary blowout

Wait, y’all didn’t realize there was a game?

Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

The Rockets put the league on notice last night after their 192-92 win in Staples Center last night.

The team started the game 0-20 from the three-point line, but hit their last 54 consecutive threes.

Leading the way for the Rockets was unsung hero Isaiah Hartenstein, who was called up from the G-League early Thursday and was able to play after he shrunk to 6 feet 5 inches overnight. Hartenstein dropped a career-high 104 points with two rebounds.

Harden and Westbrook dropped a combined zero points but combined for 62 assists, proving that they aren’t really ball hogs after all.

The game was 50-0 in the Lakers favor going into the fourth quarter, led by LeBron James’s insufferable defense.

However, the Rockets were able to adjust in the fourth quarter thanks to the ability to change the shot clock to five seconds.

While the win was unconventional, a win is a win. It’s the second win against the Lakers in Los Angeles this season, which basically means the Rockets will win the championship.

Watch out, NBA.

Note: The events in this article are satirical (obviously). Please stay safe, Red Nation.