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P.J. Tucker to open sneaker store in Houston this October

Calling all sneaker heads!

Minnesota Timberwolves v Houston Rockets Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

While every NBA player is stuck in quarantine, one NBA player is putting on his entrepreneur hat.

P.J. Tucker announced yesterday on Instagram Live with Nice Kicks that he is expected to open a sneaker store in Houston this October.

Tucker has been the team’s #1 shoe aficionado since joining the Rockets three years ago and is now taking his shoe game off the court as well.

It’s awesome to see that Tucker wants to take his brand as the NBA’s sneaker head and run with it.

Tucker may not be the first NBA player to dabble in the shoe scene as a side hustle during his playing career, but it’s awesome to see that he’s taking his passion and applying it to a potential career that can follow him after his playing days are over.

The website is live but it is currently inactive. The Instagram account is also live, but has no posts.

Congratulations PJ and good luck with starting the store! Houston can’t wait!