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Book Club - First Book “Lud in The Mist”

Hopefully first and only for COVID19...

Autumn landscape Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

So after discussion, debate, and very little rancor (except regarding the Houston Texans) we have a book. No, it is not the biography of Mark Cuban. That was a slightly regrettable joke.

It is Hope Mirlees “Lud In The Mist”. This is a fantasy novel, but one that predates JRR Tolkein, and suggests another direction for fantasy literature.

What I propose we do is get the book (download link below), and read it. We’ll meet on TDS perhaps this weekend, perhaps next week, to discuss the book. There will be a new post for the discussion. I’ll post A Question to get the discussion started. If I end up talking to myself, that’s nothing new.

I hope everyone even mildly interested reads the book, as it is well worth reading if you like that sort of thing, and even if you don’t, it’s approachable.

Being from the 1920s, it doesn’t require, (and the author probably would have thought such requirements strange) extensive, or indeed any, genre knowledge. You don’t need to have read the fantasy basics, classics, or even the esoteric “for real fans only” stuff to enjoy this book. You only need to be open a fantasy setting.

I’ve posted links from the initial TDS HSBC post to the novel, which is out of copyright, and to an app that will convert the PDF download into whatever e-reader format you like.

Book (My understanding is the novel is out of copyright and therefore, free.)

Format Converter App (also free)