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It’s SB Nation’s “What If?” week

A quick note from your editor about this week’s content.

2014 NBA Draft Photo by Joe Murphy /NBAE via Getty Images

With no actual basketball to talk about, we’ve been doing our best here at TDS to give you something to discuss. We’ve had the Houston Rockets all-time team bracket, we’ve done Coty’s Missed Opportunity series, podcast interviews with both Rockets play-by-play man Craig Ackerman and USA Today Rockets editor Ben DuBose, and we took part in SB Nation’s site-wide Jersey Week.

Now we have another SB Nation theme week, and it should be a doozy. This is officially “What if?” week, where we discuss what might have happened had things been just a little different. Coty covered some of the big ones already in Seasons of Missed Opportunity — like the 1986 team that fizzled out, the Yao-McGrady era, and the 2018 squad that was ever so close, so you won’t be seeing any of those here this week. But what you will be seeing are some of the less obvious ones — but I don’t want to give anything away.

But the highlight of “What if?” week is that we’ll be doing an NBA re-draft for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 seasons!

Each site manager (for TDS, that’s yours truly!) will be re-selecting their picks in those respective drafts based on what we know now. Just as a refresher, the Rockets picked Clint Capela with the 25th pick in the 2014 draft. I doubt he’ll be there at 25 now.

In 2015, they selected Sam Dekker with the 18th pick. He’ll probably be available, but I doubt I go there. The Rockets did not have a pick in the 2016 first-round, so I’ll be taking that one off (no trades). Once the draft is complete, I’ll post the full results here.

Thanks for sticking with us during this basketball-less time. We appreciate your readership and the community you all have helped cultivate.

Stay safe out there! - DY