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Harden Vol. 4, T-Mac 1 get the McDonald’s treatment

3 Stripes x Golden Arches

The adidas-McDonald’s collaboration is dropping this summer, and it features some all-time Houston Rockets favorites.

The Harden Vol. 4, aka the Bada-ba-ba-ba 4s, and the T-Mac 1s, aka the I’m Lovin’ It 1s, are two of the threes shoes featured in the McDonald’s sauce collection — the other being the Dame 6.

The Harden Vol. 4 “Harden Sauce” dons a purple and orange colorway, akin to the McDonald’s sweet chili sauce (but, actually, it’s probably closer to Grimace). The tongue features the sauce label with all the “ingredients” to Harden’s game: Deep 3 Ball, Step Back, Pull Up, etc. The label also engrosses the bridge of the shoe.

Some fun notable features on the shoe include the subtle McDonald’s logo on the tag of the lacing system. There’s also, what appears to be, the imprint of the McDonald’s bag on the sole in its iconic brown and red colors.

The “TMAC Sauce” T-Mac 1 is draped in a gold and red colorway, possibly paying home to the McDonald’s hot mustard sauce — or possibly it’s just McDonald’s colors. The label for this shoe is much more prominent, largely displayed on the right heel. Among the ingredients featured on the label is his impeccable 13 points in 35 seconds. The best part of this shoe is that it also doubles for a Rockets colorway.

There’s no official word on when exactly the shoes will release, but it’s listed for this summer. As far as the price goes, both shoes retail for $130 typically, so expect these two to be at this price or near it.

So what do you think? Cop or drop? What do you like about it? What should have they done differently? Let us know.