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SB Nation Reacts: Fans confident in Adam Silver and Rockets

It’s survey time!

NBA: All Star-Celebrity Game Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation Reacts, which used to be our FanPulse, is back in action, and we have a few poll results to share with you. Our first is in regards to fan confidence in NBA commissioner Adam Silver. This unprecedented time has brought with it a slew of new challenges, and those new challenges have brought with them a myriad of ways to screw things up. But it seems that most of you feel the commish is doing a pretty fine job of managing the Association through crisis.

Our other questions dealt with how you felt about the Houston Rockets in particular, and it turns out that confidence is pretty high in the home team right now as well.

There was also a second Rockets-related question this week, and that dealt with how the layoff could’ve affected the Rockets. Fans are mostly in agreement that the break has helped our heroes in red.

I voted with the majority on that one. Eric Gordon has had time to get healthy, while James Harden, who’s been accused of gassing in the postseason in the years past, not only got some time to rest, but also spent the layoff getting in better shape #skinnyharden.

Russell Westbrook, Houston’s other high-usage player, also was able to both get some off-court rest and continue working out to stay in shape. With everyone fresh and injury-free, the Rockets have a real chance to make a run when the season returns.

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