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P.J. Tucker brought 110 pairs of sneakers to the bubble

None of you should be surprised.

Indiana Pacers v Houston Rockets Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

P.J. Tucker is a person of excess.

He likes what he likes, and he’s not ashamed to indulge in it. While other players were doing their best to make the most of the bubble back in the early days, Tucker made it his own. That meant bringing in a reported 60+ pairs of shoes and an incredible 85-inch TV.


It’s clearly the little big things that make him happy.

Well, if you’re privy to Tucker’s love of shoes at all, you should have know that that original of number of 60 pairs of shoes seemed a tad conservative. And it was. According to Tucker, it’s actually nearly double that: “It’s like 110 pairs.

If you’re a fan of the Houston Rockets or Tucker, and you’re scoffing at that, you maybe shouldn’t. If you’re a fan of shoes but not Tucker or the Rockets, you probably should. He didn’t bring 3+ months worth of shoes for nothing.

“I’m gonna be here for a minute,” Tucker said.

That’s right. Tucker didn’t bring a ton of shoes simply because he wanted to be surrounded by them — that’s also NOT not a reason — he brought them because he’s got days to fill.

Now, what I want to know is exactly how he’s able to store them. We’ve all seen by now exactly how much space these players have in their rooms, and lets face it, it’s not exactly like Patrick Beverley stuffing a bunch of polos into an armoire. This was his room back when he allegedly brought only 60 pairs.

The good news for Tucker is that teams that don’t make the playoffs will soon be leaving — immediately after their final game, actually. So maybe they’ll allow him to convert one of those newly emptied rooms into a shoe closet. As long as he gets to use every single one his pairs of shoes this postseason, all Rockets fans will be happy.