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Danuel House exits bubble following protocol breach investigation

The Rockets will be without House for the remainder of the playoffs.

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Houston Rockets Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

According to sources, Danuel House has left the NBA bubble and will not return.

In the NBA’s investigaton, House was found to have an unauthorized guest in his hotel room for multiple hours Monday night.

This caused House, along with teammate Tyson Chandler, to miss Tuesday’s Game 3 for “personal reasons.”

In the statement from the unauthorized guest, she claimed to have seen Chandler and “another player” but would not name House outright. Hotel records showed that House opened his door twice while the woman was in the bubble.

Chandler was cleared from quarantine Wednesday and was allowed to rejoin the Rockets but House remained in quarantine.

Despite only circumstantial evidence, House denied any wrongdoings but was still held in quarantine by the league.

Once the league completed its investigation, House left the NBA bubble.

No matter if the Rockets have one game or a lengthy playoff run left in them, losing House for the year is an incredible blow, especially for something that is not injury related.

House has been subject to a lot of scrutiny this week and I don’t think it’s entirely fair to judge his actions without knowing all of the facts.

This story has developed slowly throughout the week and it feels like each update raises more questions.

However, we do have an answer on when House will play basketball again, and that answer is not during this playoff run.

TDS will continue updating this story as it develops.