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SB Nation Reacts: As the NBA turns

A couple league-wide questions about change.

Milwaukee Bucks v Houston Rockets Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It’s a changes-themed version of SB Nation Reacts, where we asked our national participants about some potential changes happening in the league.

First, we asked how many of our voters thought Giannis would leave the Milwaukee Bucks, and it was interestingly split right down the middle.

I personally think Giannis is as good as gone, but I also thought the Houston Rockets would take care of the Los Angeles Lakers, so moral of the story: Don’t listen to me. Though I did pick Rockets over Oklahoma City Thunder in seven, so maybe the true moral is: Only listen to me sometimes? With the hard part being figuring out what times those are.

After that, we asked, if Giannis does leave Milwaukee, where does he go? The majority said the Miami Heat, which I thought was a bit surprising.

I went with the Golden State Warriors forming another super team, and while there’s no surprise all the teams on there are big markets, I don’t think there’s any chance he goes to the New York Knicks. I mean, why?

Finally, we asked about the future of former Thunder coach Billy Donovan, who did not have his contract renewed, which was a bit surprising considering he just won the Coach of the Year award.

The majority went with the Philadelphia 76ers.

I also picked the 76ers, and it’s already being reported that Donovan will interview for the Philly job along with former Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni.

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