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Rockets 2020 Player Recaps: Chris Clemons, Michael Frazier, William Howard

Welcome to Your Exit Interview

Orlando Magic v Houston Rockets
Throw it down, little man, throw it down!
Photo by Cato Cataldo/NBAE via Getty Images


Rockets Coach: Well, since Mike isn’t here, and I may not be here much longer, I’m going to be doing your player exit interview for the season over Zoom. Then we’ll switch off and you’ll see Daryl, or someone else from the front office, ok?

Yeah, I hate doing it on Zoom, too. I won’t mind if you eat a snack or something.

Chris Clemons: Ok, coach.

Coach: So, how did you see your season, Chris?

Chris Clemons: Well, did you know I’m the second leading scorer in NCAA history? From Tiny Campbell College? Yeah, that’s actually its name, Tiny Campbell.

Coach: I did. I knew that.

Chris Clemons: That was kind of my big point.

Coach: Let’s talk NBA, the future.

Chris Clemons: Ok. I think it went ok.

Coach: Ok. Yes it was ok. Not great. I think you mainly need time, which maybe you’ll get now. When you were out on the court you threw the ball all over the place, and you’re really going to have to figure out how to make your stature work for, not against, you in the NBA. It’s not going to be easy. You’ve got to tighten up your handle, this isn’t college ball anymore.

Chris Clemons: I can shoot a really deep three. And I can dunk. Really dunk. I’m 5’8”.

Coach: I know. I want to see more dunks. They’re amazing.

But more importantly, your three-pointer needs to go in the basket more often. You’re always going to be judged on a harsh scale, because you’re really short for the NBA. League average isn’t enough for you.

But yeah, you definitely have the range. Keep working on it.

One other thing you could do. You’re built like an NFL safety. You need to use your strength and lower center of gravity more. It’s not impossible for a short player to succeed in the NBA, but you’ve got to use what advantages you have. More weights. More power. More speed. More range. More accuracy. Work on your handle. Like, all the time.

Also, go talk to Calvin Murphy. Maybe get some boxing or MMA lessons. Part of why Calvin is in the Hall of Fame is that big guys were terrified of him. There’s nothing much a big guy can do when someone like you gets inside his reach.

Chris Clemons: Ok, coach. There are some guys I’d love to hit, but I thought that wasn’t allowed unless you’re Giannis, or on the Warriors? What about next season?

Coach: I honestly have no idea. Well, Michael is buzzing in now, good luck, have a good offseason, stay safe. Also, Daryl and the staff are going to send you a bunch of stats stuff and video. Please read it and watch it, don’t be Rick Adelman.


Michael Frazier: Can you hear me, coach?

Coach: You look weird, Michael. Are you sick? In an accident?

Michael Frazier: I’m using my Mom’s phone. It’s really old. I washed mine, I’m not used to doing my laundry after the Bubble.

Coach: Ok, well, Michael, glad that’s not what your face actually looks like. Let’s talk about your season. What do you think distinguished it?

Michael Frazier: I was better than Chris Clemons.

Coach: Not sure I agree. Chris shot 34%, which is basically league average from three.

Michael Frazier: It was mostly garbage time. I don’t usually just jack shots like that, but that’s what everyone does in garbage time. What’s rarer than a garbage time assist?

I think I could be a quality third point guard, maybe second, if I could get real minutes.

Coach: I’m inclined to agree, but there’s a ways to go, and time is running out, I’m afraid. Your actual minutes, they weren’t good. It’d be better for you to shoot more than 17% on threes. Even in garbage time, that’s bad.

Michael Frazier: That was only 23 shots! Three more go in, it’s 30%, which isn’t good, but it’s not 17%.

Coach: You’ve got to nail that three. You’re not undersized for point. If you can knock down the three, there’s a place for you. If you can’t?

Michael Frazier: I understand coach. But 145 minutes isn’t a fair shake. I mean, I shot 50% on two-point shots. I took 4, but still.

Coach: Yeah, there weren’t a lot of minutes for you. Maybe that’ll change. But you must, absolutely must, be able to hit the three better. You were a knockdown three-point shooter in college, 43%, we need to see that. Have a good summer, don’t forget to read the stuff the stats guys send you, don’t just let it pile up in a corner. Recycle it at least.

Michael Frazier: Ok, thanks, coach. Good luck to us both.


Coach: Hi William. You know it’s funny, such an English name for a French guy.

William ‘oward: Oui. I know. This I have heard before. Maybe I should be Guillaume?

Coach: Maybe. Well, there’s not a ton to talk about for your season. Your English is really good, though.

Guillaume Oward: I went to high school in the US.

Coach: Ok. Well, thirteen minutes, two games, all garbage time. Just not a lot to talk about.

Guillaume L’Oward: Trust me, I know. But my G-League stats, look at them. I shot like six threes a game, and I hit almost 45% for Salt Lake. I got rebounds, assists, steals. I did a lot in the G League. I’m 6’8”, on a really small team, and I can run. It’s kind of hard to believe there are absolutely no minutes for me.

Coach: Well, your defense...

Guillaume L’Oward de Montbrisson: Was pretty good in the G-League. I think I can help this team, I really do. And I’m not getting any younger.

Coach: I don’t know why you couldn’t get any run at 6’8. Maybe if you were 32? Anyhow, hope you get a real chance soon.

William Howard: Moi aussi.


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