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SB Nation Reacts: Best of the playoffs

Who’s been the best so far? And who do you want to see?

Houston Rockets v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It’s a Best of The Postseason edition of SB Nation Reacts, full of questions about what’s transpired so far in the playoff bubble.

Our first question asked who the bubble MVP was so far, and Jimmy Butler took that vote in a three-player race.

I also voted for Butler. I don’t think anyone had the Miami Heat going this far, and Butler is the number one reason they did. I’d have Murray over LeBron James as my number two, but that’s pulling hairs. It’s Jimmy Buckets.

Our second question asked for the best coach in the playoffs, and that stays in Miami also, this time on a runaway.

I don’t see how it can be anybody else but Spo at this point. Can that change? Sure. But right now, at this moment? It’s 100-percent Erick Spoelstra.

Our third and final question asked about what NBA Finals matchup you would most like to see, and that was a close one.

Of course, the Lakers bandwagoners (worse than Golden State Warriors bandwagoners? It’s a close one - I might have just came up with an idea for a new poll!) turned out in full effect in this one, because I don’t see how you don’t vote for Nuggets vs. Heat. Sure, I guess there’s something to be said about big market ratings, but from a fan perspective... who outside of L.A. and Boston has any interest in watching the Lakers or the Celtics?

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