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SB Nation Reacts: NBA Finals edition

Tonight’s the start of the Finals, here’s your predictions.

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the NBA Finals edition of SB Nation Reacts, and we’ll get right down to the questions and the answers. The first question asked who you were picking to win the Finals.

I also went with the Lakers. I think a red, hot Jimmy Butler and emerging Bam Adebayo will only get South Beach so far.

Our second question asked how many games you thought the NBA Finals would go. Here’s those results.

I have Lakers in 6 over the Heat. I think Miami’s a great story, but it almost feels pre-ordained since the beginning of the season that an L.A. team was winning the chip. Now that we’re this close to it happening, even if takes Scott Foster, I’m fairly certain we’ll be seeing the Lakers bring it home. Yawn.

Our third question asked our participants about the Finals MVP. It’s a pretty obvious one.

I also went with LeBron. I don’t think there’s anyway the Lakers win the title and he doesn’t get the MVP. He’s going to need to play well to begin with for L.A. to win, and even if Anthony Davis is better, I think this goes to LBJ. The only way this fabulous year of 2020 could really be capped off from an NBA standpoint is having to listen to LeBron stans who now have this to fawn over. That’s why it’s going to happen. Sorry for the cynicism, but there’s not too many things I find more uninteresting than the Lakers back in the Finals.

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