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SB Nation Reacts: James Harden and the Nets

What do our voters think about The Beard’s new home?

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for this week’s SB Nation Reacts results, and this one hits a little close to home, even though James Harden is no longer a Houston Rocket. Our national questions this week focus on what the Brooklyn Nets will look like now that The Beard is in the fold, and of course, we also have our Rockets fan confidence rating now that the team is superstar-less and looking to rebuild.

First up, we asked our national voters if the Nets would win a championship as currently constructed.

I also picked no, because I don’t think they’re deep enough behind their big three to hang with the Lakers over seven games, and I still think Kyrie Irving is either going to flake out or somehow sabotage the team in another way at the worst possible moment.

Our second question asked who should take the last shot for Brooklyn. This one was a runaway.

I agree and don’t see any reason to pick anyone either than KD. That’s not saying Irving or Harden aren’t capable, but Durant has to be your go-to scorer, and that’s who you want taking your last shot. I’d trust Harden over Irving if it comes down to someone other than Durant, but this one was an easy quetion.

Lastly, we asked our voters to use a slide vote to tell us whether they thought the Nets would be closer to a dumpster fire or an unstoppable machine.

That’s close to where I had my slide, though mine was just a tad closer to unstoppable machine than the general consensus. They’ll be good, but something will hold them back from a ring.

Finally, we asked our local voters about their confidence in the direction of the Houston franchise, and in a slight surprise, 83 percent of our Rockets voters reported feeling confident, despite the team currently toiling near the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

I’m sure the high confidence comes from the knowledge that the Rockets are now in a rebuilding phase, and thus far, new GM Rafael Stone has earned that confidence with a series of shrewd moves, including signing Christian Wood, getting a ridiculous amount of draft picks for James Harden, and getting the expiring deal of a former All-Star (Victor Oladipo) in exchange for the long-term deal of a guy who’s immediate future is totally uncertain (Caris LeVert).

In Stone we trust, y’all.

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