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Rockets vs. Wizards game preview: Russell Westbrook returns to Houston

Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Tonight marks Russell Westbrook’s return to Houston. It is a back-to-back for the Wizards, who played in San Antonio last night. So Russ may not play if Washington wants to manage his load.

At the same time, until last night the Wizards had not played a basketball game since January 11. COVID protocols postponed six straight games for Washington. It’s just another way that the start of the season has been a disappointment for the Wizards.

Meanwhile, John Wall seems to be back for Houston. Stephen Silas managed his point guard’s minutes against Dallas. As Xiane said in his recap, even the 20 minutes Wall was able to provide stabilized the point guard position and gave Houston a semblance of order.

Everyone is going to want to use tonight’s contest to talk about which team won the Wall-Westbrook trade, but that’s silly. The Rockets won the trade. By a first round pick. And then some. Still, both players are not 100%, which Scott Brooks candidly admitted after Washington’s loss last night.

Tonight is another game for Houston to get back in the swing of things and continue to grow as a team. The nice thing about low expectations is that it’s hard to swing too far down, but the upswings are great.

Tip-off is at 7pm CT on AT&T SportsNet Southwest