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And now, I ride off into the sunset

It’s time to say goodbye.

NBA: Miami Heat at Houston Rockets Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Like 90% of my articles, blogs, write-ups, whatever you want to call them, I’d like to tell you what I was going to write about, then write what I actually should say.

At first, it was going to be a little parody of James Harden’s goodbye to Houston; one in which I would say “indebted” a million times, and then I would use synonyms like “owe a lot,” “give back what I borrowed,” and eventually it would turn into this long, way-to-drawn-out allegory about how this is actually about me owing the mob a lot of money.

But I figured I could still introduce that joke at the top, maybe give you a chuckle, be sincere for the rest of the article, and it would satisfy both my needy sense of humor and my need to reflect.

When I came to The Dream Shake, I had just graduated college, and I hadn’t written about the Houston Rockets in years — separated from the team I love the most and the one artistic expression I have and enjoy. Then I saw an opportunity to be this site’s editor — one I didn’t receive and rightfully went to Darren Yuvan — a great editor, site manager, and even better person that I actually am indebted to.

Instead I was given an opportunity to write. And while I was trying to find myself as an adult and professional, constantly moving jobs and homes, two things stayed consistent: my loving girlfriend and The Dream Shake.

Through the years, it gave me an opportunity to talk about the things I am most passionate about through the team and game I have loved my entire life. Through its endless possibilities and free rein to be creative, it challenged me as a writer to put my money where my mouth is — I no longer had the excuse of limitations. I’ve be able to entertain a large, awesome cult-like following from which I secretly always read the comments left under my articles. I have rejoiced, complained, lauded, bickered, celebrated, and shared heartbreak all through this blog.

And through it all, you were right there along for the ride with me.

I wish I could take you all through the next part of the journey with me, and even though I know I can’t, I know you’ll be there with me in spirit.

In a completely unprecedented turn of events, I am moving on to teach Journalism at the high school level. It may not be glorious or romantic, and it is actually hard as hell, but I can’t tell you how excited I am to mold young minds, help them grow, mentor them, and introduce them to this world I have held so closely for years.

Who knows, maybe one of my students could be your next favorite writer?

And trust me, I really tried to keep this writing thing going while teaching. But a month into it, it was much like Vontae Davis going into halftime and never coming back out. I know I just don’t have it in me any longer.

Thank you to Darren, my fellow staff writers, and SB Nation for giving my words a home for the past three years. It really is hard to say goodbye, but there always comes a time to say it.

So, this is goodbye.

Oh — by the way — for the last time, but certainly not the least, LET’S GO, ROCKETS!