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Playmaking is the biggest key for Christian Wood and Jalen Green

Playmaking is a huge a goal for Christian Wood and Jalen Green throughout training camp

Houston Rockets Media Day Photo by Michael Starghill/Getty Images

HOUSTON- Day three of training camp went by incredibly fast, as the Houston Rockets had their occasional one-on-ones and shooting drills. Christian Wood, Alperen Segun, and Danuel House Jr. dominated the one-on-one segment of today’s practice. Aggressive attacks towards the basket with different versatile moves, as Segun, Wood, and House showcased.

Although Wood dominated today’s session during training camp, he is still waiting for the season to determine his All-Star possibilities. Wood said:

“I’m not in All-Star mode yet, but I think I get there. We are still waiting for that. Beginning of the season I’m going to go out there and give a 100 percent. I need game reps and I’ll be good to go.”

Before the season ended last year, Wood stressed that he wanted to work on his playmaking skills. Wood would be reliable in DHO sets throughout the game with Kevin Porter Jr., Eric Gordon, and Jalen Green, which allows him to read the defense before handing the ball off. Hopefully, coach Silas amplifies a 4-5 pick-and-roll action between Daniel Theis and Wood, as that would space the floor more on offense. Even if he is passing out of double-teams, that can become useful. Wood said:

“I have been passing out of double-teams, I have been passing out of doubles in the post. Just stuff coach has been throwing at me that things I’m going to see in the season, and I think I have been doing a great job of getting my teammates involved.”

In Las Vegas, during Summer League, Green looked explosive with his scoring skills, but spectators would love to see more of his playmaking skills. Inside of training camp, Silas has focused on driving lanes and spacing for Green, as that could allow him to see the floor more throughout the game. Green becomes more dangerous if he finds Wood, Sengun, and Theis on slip screens and other teammates on fast breaks. Wood mentioned that the team is focused on Green’s scoring, but having an extra passer on the floor wouldn’t hurt. Silas said:

“It’s been good, and [Jalen]is just trying to find his way. So, a lot of it is new to him. We’re playing a different kind of system than the G-League Ignite last year. So with more space and more driving ability and driving lanes for him, he is finding ways to make plays for him.”